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Comfort in Solitude & Beauty:
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Our rooms at the BraeBurn are all different in keeping with our attitude of “doing the best we can with what we have.” Besides being various shapes and sizes, every room has a different decorative theme–from the “Tiki” to the “Lodge.” All are non-smoking rooms, no pets allowed.
All are equipped with all the modern conveniences of home. Each of the rooms features a satellite-connected flat-screen colour television, a telephone, access to wireless high-speed internet, an alarm-clock/radio, refrigerator, microwave, coffee-maker, iron and ironing board, small vacuum-cleaner, ensuite bathroom, and central geothermal air and heat. Also included for individual comfort and control are a fan and electric fireplace.
Four large double rooms and a one-bedroom suite which all serve as light house-keeping suites (you do your own dishes) are equipped with kitchenettes including a larger refrigerator, toaster, induction hotplate, kettle, microwave and a full set of pots, pans, dishes and utensils (service for four).
Extra coffee, canned pop, 12-cup coffee-makers to replace the K-cup coffee-makers in the rooms, hair-dryers and copying services are available in the office, along with items you may have forgotten to bring like tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream and combs.

Book a Room

If you’d like to book a room with us you may view our Availability Calendar  or enter your booking dates to see what rooms are available under Book Now.

See for yourself:

Room 11: the Old West
This room features a Western motif to honour the rich heritage of this part of Canada. It is one of five rooms with kitchenette facilities and has two queen-size beds.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 12: the Qu’Appelle
This room has a motif which features the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley. It has kitchenette facilities and two queen-size beds.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 13: the Cairo
This room features a calm, sand-coloured Egyptian theme. It has one King-size bed.
Non-smoking. No Pets.
Room 14: the Tiki
Bright colours and an interesting wall-hangings give this room its “feel.” It has one King-size bed.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 15: the Maritime
This room features a tranquil blue, and pictures of sailboats and maritime light-houses, as well as a paddle on the wall. It has one King-size bed.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 16: the Forest
This room with a calming forest theme is a one-bedroom suite with a murphy bed geared specifically to our longer-stay guests (let’s talk months). It has an apartment size fridge in its kitchenette, a queen-size bed in the bedroom as well as in the murphy bed and two TVs with separate satellite access plus two electric fireplaces.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 17: the Sunflower
A bright and cosy suite with sunflowers peeking out at you from every nook and cranny, including a large Van Gogh reproduction on one wall. It features a kitchenette and two queen-size beds. Room in this one for a cot if you need an extra bed.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 18: the New Amsterdam
Dutch Delft Blue colours and Dutch “klompen” (wooden shoes) on the wall give this room its Netherlands motif. It has one King-size bed and full wheelchair access.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 19: the Lodge
A “homey,” cabin-style room with full kitchenette. It has two extra-long double-size beds and full wheelchair access.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Our Room Rates
Our room rates reflect how long you stay and how many beds you need. One night is the most work for us and is the most expensive; two nights is less per night; three nights or more gives you our best break on rates.  Although we do our best to post our rates immediately if we change them, our rates may change without notice.

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