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View West from Room 19
View West from in front of Room 19

Comfort in Solitude & Beauty:
the BraeBurn Inn

Our rooms at the BraeBurn are all different. Besides being various shapes and sizes, every room has a different decorative theme–from the “Tiki” to the “Lodge.” All are non-smoking rooms, no pets allowed.
All are equipped with all the modern conveniences of home. Each of the rooms features a satellite-connected flat-screen colour television, a telephone, access to wireless high-speed internet, an alarm-clock/radio, refrigerator, microwave, coffee-maker, iron and ironing board, ensuite bathroom, and central geothermal air and heat. Also included for individual comfort and control are a fan and electric fireplace.
Five large double rooms which serve as light house-keeping suites (you do your own dishes) are equipped with kitchenettes including a larger refrigerator, toaster, induction hotplate, kettle, microwave and a full set of pots, pans, dishes and utensils (service for four).
Extra coffee, canned pop, 12-cup coffee-makers to replace the K-cup coffee-makers in the rooms and fax/copying services are available in the office, along with items you may have forgotten to bring like tooth brushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream and combs.

Book a Room

If you’d like to book a room with us you may view our Availability Calendar  or enter your booking dates to see what rooms are available under Book Now.
Sorry. On-line booking disabled for now. Please phone us afternoons or evenings at 306-332-5757 ext. 0, or contact us via e-mail for now

See for yourself:

Room 11: the Old West
This room features a Western motif to honour the rich heritage of this part of Canada. It is one of five rooms with kitchenette facilities and has two queen-size beds.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 12: the Qu’Appelle
This room has a motif which features the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley. It has kitchenette facilities and two queen-size beds.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 13: the Cairo
This room features an Egyptian theme. It has one King-size bed.
Non-smoking. No Pets.
Room 14: the Tiki
Bright colours and an interesting wall-hanging give this room its “feel.” It has one King-size bed.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 15: the Maritime
This room features a tranquil blue, and pictures of sailboats and maritime light-houses, as well as a paddle on the wall. It has one King-size bed.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 16: the Forest
This room is currently being renovated to better serve our longer-stay guests.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 17: the Sunflower
A bright and cosy suite with sunflowers peeking out at you from every nook and cranny, including a large Van Gogh reproduction on one wall. It features a kitchenette and two queen-size beds. Room in this one too for an extra cot.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 18: the New Amsterdam
Dutch Delft Blue colours and Dutch “klompen” (wooden shoes) on the wall give this room its Netherlands motif. It has one King-size bed and full wheelchair access.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Room 19: the Lodge
A “homey,” cabin-style room with full kitchenette. It has two extra-long double-size beds and full wheelchair access.
Non-smoking. No pets.
Our Room Rates
Our room rates reflect how long you stay as well as our current Covid-19 practice of “resting” a room for 24-hours before and after a guest uses a room. One night is the most work for us and is the most expensive; two nights is less per night; three nights or more gives you our best break on rates.  Although we do our best to post our rates immediately, our rates may change without notice.

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