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RV Park view with hills
View of BraeBurn’s RV Park with the hills in the background

A Quiet Place to Relax:
BraeBurn Inn RV Park

Fall golden carpet
Falls golden carpet decorates Site 3.

Almost hidden away in the south-west corner of Fort Qu’Appelle, the southern hills of the Qu’Appelle Valley wall, is the BraeBurn  Inn RV  Park. To the south and east of the park are trees, grass and bush.

Although it’s in town, this RV Park feels like it’s out of town. And it’s within minutes of all four lakes, two wonderful golf courses, and the downtown area of Fort Qu’Appelle.

The RV Park was added to the BraeBurn  Inn grounds in 1998. Since taking over in 1999, Pieter and Beverly have worked to improve the campground area, including adding sewer in the fall of 2003 and rebuilding the six large sites completely in the spring of 2004. We’ve also added and continue to add numerous trees and bushes to the landscaping. In 2002-6 a sand Volleyball/Badminton Court and two Horseshoe Lanes were added. For more see Our Recreation.

Our sites are leased by the season only

RV Park Facilities:

RV back path
The grassed back path behind BraeBurn’s RV sites

The BraeBurn  Inn RV Park includes six large sites. Sites are leased by the Season only (May 1 to Sept. 30). Phone Pieter or Ab at 306-332-5757 ext. 0 afternoons or evenings for our current rates. Sites are not available on-line. If you are a seasonal site tenant already, you may also arrange to store your RV for the winter (Oct. 1 to Apr. 30). No services in the winter months.

Four of the six sites (along the south side) will handle units up to 40 feet long with bump-outs. The two remaining sites (along the east side) will only handle units up to 35 feet long with bump-outs.

All sites come equipped with a barbecue fire pit, 30-amp power, water and sewer on site.
 All units have easy access to the central Shower/Toilet building, common deck and natural gas barbecue.

All site lessees and their guests are expected to understand and abide by the Rules which apply to the RV Park.

View east to BraeBurn RV Sites 3 and 4

Yes, this RV Park is being Phased Out:
BraeBurn Inn RV Park is slowly being Phased Out. It’s true. But that is still some years away, although we can’t guarantee that we won’t win a lottery and want to begin the next phase earlier.

The RV Park simply does not bring in enough revenue for the space it takes. As a result, it will be phased out over the years.

The existing RV bathroom facilities will eventually be converted into bathroom facilities for the Motel Exercise Room, and possibly a small coin-op laundry for guests of the motel. The RV Park area, itself, will be replaced by future expansion of the motel facility.

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