About Covid

Heart in sign garden
Heart in the sign garden at BraeBurn Inn was for everyone who had to work through the pandemic–all front-line workers, but especially the hospital workers. We notice that young people have been using it also to take selfies–that’s OK too.

We Learned a Few Things during Covid

We learned a few things during the Covid 19 pandemic, some of which we are continuing:

• Our staff will continue wearing masks on entering rooms to clean or make them up for those staying multiple nights.
• We continue to wash all the bedding including the blankets and bedspreads every time a room is vacated. We have found a blanket that is every bit as warm as what we had been using, but dries in half the time and are ordering more as we can afford more.
• You may decide to wear masks in our office or not. We’ve left it up to our staff whether or not they are comfortable enough to remove their masks but if you wear a mask into our office we too will don ours.
• We will continue to sanitize our office counter, door surfaces, pens and Point-Of-Sale terminal at regular intervals.
• At the moment we are defaulting to making-up rooms during multiple-night stays and leaving it up to you, the client, to let us know otherwise. Either way, if you need something, like fresh towels, toilet paper or more coffee pods, we are happy to replace them during regular business hours at our office.
• We continue to “rest” our rooms between customers for 24-hours before and after each use for the sake of our staff, our clients and Pieter’s sanity.

Our common areas are again fully open and available including the seating areas outside the rooms (no alcohol outside—we are not licensed), horseshoe and volleyball courts as well as RV Park bathrooms (the RV bathrooms are open to RV clients only). Our central barbecue/picnic deck may be booked again ahead of time during normal office hours but please let us know when you have finished using it so we can wipe it down between uses.

On-line bookings are now available again although we continue to give preference to long-term bookings and crews (that’s where we make our money).

If a room is not available on-line, you may phone 306-332-5757 ext. 0 during regular office hours 11:30 am to 11 pm CST on weekdays and 1:30 pm to 11 pm CST on weekends. If we are not available to answer the phone, leave your name, phone number, how many beds and rooms you require and for how long. We will return your call as soon as possible. You may also e-mail us, but give us a phone number so we can call you back (we do require a credit card guarantee when you book).

Pieter, Bev and Ab van der Breggen

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