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Enjoy our rooms.

Our rules are there
for the safety
and comfort
of all our guests
--including you.

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BraeBurn Inn motel rules
Summer brings flowers at the BraeBurn Inn
Beautiful grounds are there for your enjoyment,
but rules do apply.

For the safety & enjoyment of all
the BraeBurn Inn

        At the BraeBurn Inn we have some rules for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests. Here's an overview:

        We have a quiet time enforced after 11 p.m. with no unregistered guests allowed in the rooms or on the grounds after that time. We have zero tolerance for parties and do not have any "party" rooms. People come here to get a quiet night of sleep.
        Smoking is not allowed in any of our rooms. Our facility is centrally heated and cooled. So it has proven impossible to allow. This means no smoking anywhere in a room, including the bathroom. And not in the doorway either. If you want to smoke: get dressed, go outside, close your doors and make sure you are nowhere near any open windows or doors. This goes for "vaping" too.
        Please be considerate of others.
        Pets, no matter how cute and cuddly they are to you, can be a problem for others. We do not allow pets anymore in our motel rooms. Sorry, we've just had too many bad experiences with pets being brought into our rooms. If you need to travel with a pet, make arrangements with a kennel or your relatives in the area.

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