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BraeBurn Inn Company Profile
A view of the BraeBurn Inn from the hills
A view of the Inn from the hills.

A Place to Relax & Enjoy:
the BraeBurn Inn

        With the hills of the Qu'Appelle Valley to the south and east of it, and trees, grass and bushes all around it, the BraeBurn Inn feels like it's out of town. Yet it is within the boundaries of the Town of Fort Qu'Appelle, and within minutes of all four lakes, two wonderful golf courses and a ski hill, plus the downtown area of Fort Qu'Appelle.

        The BraeBurn Inn was built as the Valley Trails Motel in 1956. It was renovated in the early 90's and has been completely redecorated over the past 10 years. Renovations continue to date, including two rooms made wheelchair accessible in 2009-10 with permanent outdoor ramps added in 2011. All the beds and bedding have been renewed, as well as all of the furnishings.
        Geothermal heating and cooling, and solar preheating of the domestic hot water were added in the fall of 2008. An Exercise Room was completed and opened to guests in 2011. The Office was moved to what was Room 13 and completed in 2012.
        Renovations to our singles, Rooms 13, 14 and 15 were completed by 2016.
        Beverly & Pieter van der Breggen took over the motel in July of 1999, and have continued to operate it as the BraeBurn Inn. Their eldest son, Ab, is also a shareholder and works full-time for the motel.
Bev & Piet van der Breggen        Bev and Piet lived in the Village of Fort San for 15 years prior to that, so are no strangers to this area.
        Bev is the President of the corporation--624035 Saskatchewan Ltd.--which operates as The BraeBurn Inn. She has a background in bookkeeping and administration and served as Administrator of the R.M. of North Qu'Appelle for 20 years before retiring in January 2012. Her first priority now is her granchildren and great-grandchildren. She is also involved in the local museum and enjoys volunteer work in the community.
        Pieter is Secretary/Treasurer, and handles the day-to-day operation of the motel. He is a supporter of the Qu'Appelle Valley Art Centre and the Qu'Appelle Valley Environmental Association. He also ensures that this corporation, although small, is a good corporate citizen in support of various local community events and organizations, as well as larger provincial, national and international organizations such as the Kinsmen TeleMiracle, Royal Canadian Legion, Effect Hope (leprosy mission), David Suzuki Foundation and Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders). Pieter has a background in corporate communications, internet site design and the newspaper business.
Ab van der Breggen        Ab is in charge of repairs and renovations and all the heavy and tech stuff needed. He is pretty much solely responsible for executing room designs and wall-art designs he and Pieter come up with. Ab has a background in restaurant management and has trained in restaurant and hotel management.


The Name:
        The name, BraeBurn, was derived from two Scottish words, brae and burn. Brae meaning "hills" and Burn, "River"--thus River of the Hills. Although Pieter's parents came from the Netherlands, and the van der Breggen name reflects that Dutch heritage, he likes the Scottish flavour of the inn's name and intends to build on it.

The Tree and Shield:
BraeBurn Inn Bridge Crest        The tree and shield in the new BraeBurn Inn logo, reflect the wonderful evergreens on the property in the tree, and combine the Scottish name with the van der Breggen family crest in the shield. The family name, translated means "of the Bridges" with a bridge being the major element in the family crest. So now the bridge is over the river that flows through the hills.

Corporate Information:

bicrest Address
750 Bay Avenue, South
Fort Qu'Appelle
From Highway 10, turn south at the Shell service station,
or east at the Valley Alliance Church (at the bottom of the hill on Hwy. 10 coming from Regina).
BIcrest Mailing Address
Box 2377
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
S0G 1S0
BIcrest Phone
BIcrest Facsimile
BIcrest E-mail

The BraeBurn Inn, Box 2377, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK, Canada S0G 1S0 Phone:1-306-332-5757

BraeBurn Inn Bridge Crest

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