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BraeBurn Inn motel rules

Pets Rules
the BraeBurn Inn

        These rules apply to guests using rooms at the BraeBurn Inn who have pets with them. People with allergies tend to rent the designated "no-pets" and "no-smoking" rooms. If you think these rules are unfair or you do not wish to abide by them, please do not bring your pets with you, or book somewhere else:

  • Pets are allowed in rooms 16, 17 and 18 only at a cost of $25 plus taxes per animal per night, and must be registered with their owners.
  • Pets must be kept quiet at all times and especially after 11 p.m.--inside and outside.
  • Pets are allowed only on the understanding that the guests who have registered them will be held financially responsible for any damage to room or contents by their pet(s).
  • Pets must accompany owners if the owners leave their motel room. Do not leave pets unattended in your room.
  • You must keep your pet(s) on a leash and with you while outdoors and on motel property.
  • Pet owners are expected to prevent pets from urinating or defacating in the people areas of the motel property--that includes the rooms, walkways, parking, camping and formal grassed areas of the motel property. Children play and people walk in these areas. We have a large field to the east, and bushes to the south, east and north of the property that would be more appropriate.
  • Pet owners are expected to scoop, bag and retrieve any feces (and meal remnants such as bones) dropped by their pets on motel property, and town bylaws require scooping and leashes off the property too ($500 fine imposed against violators by the town).
  • Pet owner must supply bedding, food, water and litterbox for pet(s) in the motel room.

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